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"As a Type-A entrepreneur, I have had a very high-stress professional existence throughout all of my adult life. Around the time I turned 40, I found that my body wasn't able to handle it as well any more. One doctor told me I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. Another thought I had candida. When Cliff Inkles first saw me a year ago be suggested that that my low energy was because I was living against my nature and approaching life from a place of fear. I started seeing him regularly after that and it has had a profound impact on my life. My professional circumstances have perhaps been more intense than ever but I feel great! I'm working long hours with incredible pressure but sleeping better than ever and at the same time getting back into better physical health (yoga and gym) than I've been in since my 20's. I remember Cliff telling me 'You will start using a gear that you never knew you had,' and I feel like that is exactly what has happened."
-- Matthew Blesso, founder and developer of Blesso Properties
"I am excited to have embarked on a new spiritual journey... the work I am doing with Dr. Cliff is bringing about major shifts in my energetic field opening me up to new possibilities, distinct from those of the past. It is not that I am totally free of all my ineffective ways of being, but sufficiently transforming to seek other dimensions of being human."
-- Ivory Krooler

"Not only do you help keep me fluid and comfortable physically, but I look forward to experiencing expanded possibilities of what it means to be human,amazed at the potential of what living in this body allows. Plus,you have given me a window into a more ecstatic way of being and provide a real support for daily life."

-- MN, film editor

"Thank you for your continued care and support. It is amazing to see things changing for myself in such a real and meaningful way, uncovering the deepest layers. I finally see how the old pattern was simply a way of managing and surviving, instead of really living and thriving."
-- Natalie Haim
"Dear Dr. Cliff - Thank You for opening new and beneficial paths to higher states of consciousness and harmony in my life.

Your work has helped me greatly, giving me incentive and guidance, and access to exciting resources for joy, love, and abundance, no matter where I am in the world."

"...just wanted to thank you for all your help with making my spine more flexible and pain-free; and enlightening me as to the role role it plays in human function. Through your work, I have also discovered how much my own doings/feelings effect my well-being. Very grateful."
"For the first time in a long while, I feel full of life, with newfound resources of energy, previously locked deep inside me. I noticed that not only has this had a transformative effect on me, but for all family and friends around me.

What has been especially gratifying is the shift in my perception and old ways of interacting with people, as I am able to be more open, accepting , and loving to all those with whom I come in contact. I approach life with more joy and calmness I never thought capable of!

Working with Dr. Inkles and his Lifepower Wellness Program has made me absolutely fearless about the future!"

"I came to Dr. Cliff with the weight of many burdens - a stress-filled job; physical life changes (i.e. getting old!); the death of a sister; and - the catalyst - a nasty fall which injured my back.

I went to my first session so that I could physically regain strength and mobility.  But, I realized, instantly, that I was also there to move beyond my fears and the "stuck-ness" those fears had caused.  After just one session, I felt hope.  After two or three sessions, my physical pain had nearly abated.  Then I began the work of letting go of long-held tensions and fears, from which my life had constricted into unhappy, rigid habits.

Now, after five months work, I feel I can take on challenges I, before, had scarce dared acknowledge. Life is not, now, easier to live;  but all the work and passions I wish to embrace now seem possible.  It is an exhilarating process.

I have deep, deep gratitude for Dr. Cliff. His healing is filled with gentleness and humility. He might easily dictate the healing process with justifiable  power and pride.  But, instead, he acknowledges each client's humanity and power to self-heal.  In doing so, he not only heals, but defines the most important rule of life - to give graciously of one's gifts, and to acknowledge and empower the gifts of those one serves."

"Surrendering, I feel myself releasing into a larger flow of life force, suspending in positions that are supposed to take great muscle strength, but instead I am held by the immensity of the energetic field. I feel as if I am being led by a greater intelligence, one much larger, deeper, fuller, wider that knows what I need, what I seek.

I emerge feeling more ready to handle whatever my life may present."

-- MN, film editor

"Visiting Dr. Inkles' office has become one of my favorite weekly events.

Since beginning NS care and Reorganizational Healing practice last year, I have experienced incredible shifts like becoming more aware and connected to my true self, in shifting/expanding my perceptions and behavior with others, (especially with my family back home in Japan), which has created more love and intimacy in my life than ever before!

Dr. Cliff's work is gently powerful, his communication skills and approach to my spine, health and vitality has been truly transforming for my life... and my Soul."

-- Natsuki Watanabe, Global Executive Search Consultantt
"When I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and struggling physically and emotionally, three friends 'did an intervention' and strongly recommended I see Cliff. I had previously experienced multiple pregnancy losses and this time I was filled with intense anxiety and other symptoms of PTSD. I was having daily head and neck pain and my body overall was clenched in fear. As soon as I met Cliff and experienced his work, I intuitively knew I was in the right place for healing and creating a healthy pregnancy for me and my baby. I prioritized my sessions and arranged my schedule so that I could have three to four sessions per week throughout pregnancy. After just a few weeks, my headaches were mostly gone and my body and mind were beginning to relax and release their chronic holding patterns. My body felt great during the remainder of the pregnancy and even up until my 40th week, I was comfortable. I felt more relaxed, at ease, and integrated at 9 months pregnant than I had in my whole adult life. My son moved in utero whenever we were having a session and my sense was that he liked it and benefited greatly from this pre natal care. He is a happy and active baby who is physically advanced for his age and he continues to be treated, lying on my or my husband's belly, when we go for sessions. Our whole family is regularly treated and it's the best gift we can give to ourselves. Cliff is an outstanding healer who seems to connect naturally, easily, and non-judgmentally with each person he treats. I feel very fortunate and grateful to be under his care and recommend him highly to EVERYONE!"
"Spinal Harmony Wellness provides an oasis in a hectic city where your mind is able to connect effortlessly to the body's wants and needs, where your soul is deeply nurtured, and where you subconsciously learn techniques which keep you relaxed, pain free, and well adjusted-both physically and spiritually. Thank You so much!"
"Dr. Cliff's work is EXTRAORDINARY!

Within a short time I evolved into new levels of awareness resulting in incredible life changes."

"I was introduced to Dr. Cliff by a friend and healer that I know and trust deeply, Dr. Zia Nix. I was diagnosed with diabetes on September 17, 2012.

Growing up in a household of loving disciplinarians who rarely, if ever, discussed emotions, I fortified self protection mechanisms, (entering a military career), that prevented me from feeling and fully experiencing life because of my desire to project the image I most thought would bring me the feelings of acceptance and love I desired.

Within the last year I have casually referenced my awareness that diabetes has been my gift, but it is through the NS/SRI work with Dr. Cliff that I am only beginning to experience what true gratitude feels like in my being.

I am about two months into this process, and my experiences so far have already been soul stirring. Within my first couple sessions I experienced energetic releases unlike anything I have ever experienced in my entire life. During the release I experienced layers and generations of emotional energy from the depths of my soul and places that I do not have the spiritual intelligence to fully explain.

As my process continues I am experiencing connections and integration in my life that has me choosing in ways that support me and meets the diabetic condition where it is instead of fighting with it. This is also where I am beginning to experience true gratitude for everything; family, friends, work, health, Dr. Zia, Dr. Cliff, life and the opportunity to live in a way that contributes to community. I know there is much more available, and I look forward to what's to come on this journey."

-- DeAndre DeVane, technology risk management
"NS has allowed me to become more calm and centered. I have more compassion for myself and others, with a greater sense of the healing power of my Life FORCE."
"I was scheduled to have surgery for severe back and leg pain. Through Dr. Inkles' gentle application of NS, am now pain free, with new, more flexible ways to deal with life stress."
"Having experienced the work of many Network practitioners through the years, I can say Dr. Cliff has a unique mastery of this system allowing one to heal and transform quickly and dynamically. This is as good as it gets."
"As a longtime therapist, I've studied and encountered many 'helping approaches.' Most are 'fix-it' or remedial approaches that address symptoms but often end up adapting us to the very conditions that are producing our pain and impotence. 

There are a few, however, that focus on supporting our capacity as human beings for continuous development and transformation. NS, in my experience, is one of these rare 'discoveries of development' that our troubled world cries out for.

I came upon NS about 10 years ago in the midst of a personal health/growth crisis and received enormous help. After a few years hiatus from care, sensing it was vital for me to make some new moves in my life, I looked for a network practitioner who was close to my office and found Cliff.

It's been a deep privilege to work with him, both in my own care and in my work with clients and colleagues I have referred to him. His skill and artistry as a network practitioner is matched by what I experience as an extraordinary capacity to partner, to travel side-by-side with me and others in our 'growth journeys.' He leads out of his sensitivity to follow, and follows as part of a strong and centered capacity to guide without imposing.

Growing is fundamentally a creative process. You go forward, building with all of your pain and with all of your strengths, without knowing how and without knowing where, until you've created and then you keep going all over again! It's a frightening, challenging and liberating process. Cliff is intimate with it's terrain and cadences, and I've seen him work closely with a broad and diverse grouping of people with the full range of 'stuckness' (physical, emotional, social, spiritual) that our species has.

I am glad that he was in my neighborhood - geographically, personally, and professionally!"

"Can you imagine that one day you suddenly can't stand, walk, or lie down without pain? And you are a dancer/teacher used to lots of activity? A friend suggested I go see Dr. Cliff Inkles. In one hour you are out of pain. After continuing sessions, you feel better and better. All your activities are encouraged, and your path in life supported. You soon find you have a new outlook-sadness you never noticed is replaced by a sudden sense of joy. Over the years, you come and go, watching the change that spreads across your body, and life. I cherish this resource, forever grateful to Dr. Cliff."
"I came to Dr. Inkles at an extremely challenging period in my life. Working with him, I was able to release major sources of tension in my body, mind, and heart. Ultimately, I learned a deeper sense of compassion for myself, and for others, and I am rediscovering my long lost capacity for happiness. It is a wonderful feeling. I would highly recommend Dr. Inkles to anyone seeking enhanced physical, emotional, or spiritual awareness."
"Thanks to Dr. Inkles and NS, I am evolving in ways I never dreamed. My dance work is growing and deepening in ways that that are so very gratifying, so mystifying. With a newly supple, self-correcting spine, my 'instrument' continues to become a fluid energy channel.

And my body is PAIN FREE!!!!! I am open and loving to people around me, taking risks and not being afraid. Ultimately, I am dancing through life at its fullest expression."

"After my first session with Dr. Cliff, I felt as if the weight of 29 years was lifted off my spine.

I have changed in many ways, mentally, emotionally and physically. I eagerly await each day with anticipation of deeper feelings of love and compassion, living a life of more ease and joy.

What's more, I am discovering that as I release self-limiting beliefs from my past, I can express more trust, health and vitality on every level of my being. While I am still working through my 'issues,' I am empowered to continue this amazing journey."

"When I first met Dr. Cliff, I was a bundle of tension and pain. On my first visit, I left the office feeling relaxed and pain free. Moreover, during the course of continuing care, I have developed the 'internal technology' which allows me to connect with my spinal network and body, and release stress and tension whenever it arises. This has literally changed my life, and I am forever thankful for Dr. Cliff and this seemingly magical, effortless work."
"During the course of receiving Network Spinal Care/SRI with Dr. Inkles, I have become aware of a total strengthening of my body internally, and externally. I used to experience severe choking episodes while eating and have had to have the Heimlich maneuver performed to unblock my esophagus. Now, these episodes have noticeably decreased, and I now have the strategies to prevent any incidence from becoming a crisis. I am now experiencing an increased efficiency and auto-regulation of all physical processes including appetite, sleep, weight, exercise with a corresponding increase in overall strength, tone, flexibility, and stamina. I am able to listen more attentively to my body, which, I have discovered, communicates to me exactly what my physical needs are at any given moment. Moreover, and perhaps most exciting, is that I am experiencing parallel improvements of strength, flexibility, tone, and stamina within my emotional life, and consciousness."
"After years of struggling with depression, I found NS/SRI has helped revitalize my nervous system, to see the world in a whole new light. The feelings of inertia and anxiety have been completely eradicated, and have not returned for nearly a decade. Through Dr. Cliff's work, I also do not require an inhaler, after developing adult onset asthma, and I feel great! You should know, my mother first brought me to see Dr. Cliff when I was 8 years old, and I have been on a course for healing and transformation ever since. Now, I experience vitality, relaxation, inner peace, and freedom of movement on a daily basis. The quality of my life gets better and better, and NS will always be an integral part of my wellness program."