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higher brain function Spinal Gateway Wave of Healing
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Exciting new research has affirmed the vital significance of the body/mind connection in adapting us to our environment, to healing, and our expression of wellness. A basic understanding of brain function will give you an enlightening peek into the invaluable role NS plays in enhancing this connection, and its life-changing capacity.

The brain is the control center for all body functions and systems. Through a vast network of nerves, the brain/body are in constant communication with one another, insuring adequate response to internal and external changes,(stress), and, in essence, keeping us alive.

The human brain is composed of three parts.

The first part is the Brain Stem or Reptilian Brain. This is the Survival Brain. It controls all functions responsible for our survival – as an individual and as a species. It controls such things as hunger, thirst, heartbeat, breathing, digestion, immunity, and sexual drive. It is the basic, primal part of us that is in all animals. Most importantly it initiates the Fight-or-Flight Stress Response, in times of stress or trauma.

The second part is the Limbic System or Emotional Brain. It controls all functions related to emotional aspects of survival. It controls such things as memory, behavior, pleasure and pain responses, and experience of all emotions. Most importantly it maintains the Fight-or-Flight Stress Response and initiates defense posture.

The third part is the Cerebral Cortex. It is our Thinking Brain. It controls all functions related to higher thought. It controls such things as decision-making, attention, awareness, language, judgment, reading, writing, etc. It is the most highly developed part of the brain, allowing us to experience more of our potential emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Most importantly, it is impaired by the Fight-or-Flight Stress Response and defense posture .

The gentle touches of Network Spinal Care applied to “spinal gateways” or access points along the neck and lower spine, are applied in such a way as to engage the higher part of the brain, the frontal lobes of the Cerebral Cortex.

Research has shown the effects of brain wave function on people receiving Network Care, and the shift from lower brain stem activity/defense, (from which most of us live our lives), to that of higher Cortex activity, is quite evident.

This is why so many people under Network care report such dynamic shifts in their lives.

It is especially wondrous to watch the transformation in children receiving this work, especially those who have been traumatized at an early age.