New Article from Life Coach Corey Wayne – “Network Care, for a more vital, energy rich life!”

Please enjoy this wonderful article from Life Coach, Corey Wayne on Network Care.
~ Dr. Cliff

network-spinal-analysisI want to share with you the most amazing healing modality that I have ever experienced in my life. It’s called network chiropractic care or network spinal analysis. It will make you feel more confident and sure of your actions than anything else you have ever experienced in life.

Basically what network chiropractic care does is, it helps your brain find, fix and realign any unbalances, tension and spinal subluxations by facilitating the dropping of all muscle tension in your nervous system and spinal cord. When all the muscle tension in your spinal cord goes away, it’s easy for your brain to reconnect to all of the parts of your body and vital organs that it has been disconnected from due to subluxations of the individual vertebrae of your spinal cord.

Due to emotional, physical and mental traumas we experienced throughout our lives that our nervous system is unable to process or handle, this unexperienced emotion or physical trauma shows up as muscle tension in our spinal cord. As we age and this muscle tension continues to build up, our brain slowly loses its ability to talk to and regulate the vital organs of your body due to the subluxation of your individual vertebrae twisting and pinching off the nerves that come out of the spinal cord and connect to all of the vital organs and systems of your body.

As our brain loses its connection and contact with the bodies vital organs and systems, dis-ease such as cancer, etc. will show up in the most disconnected areas or the areas that has the greatest amount of spinal subluxation and muscle tension.
Common sense tells us that if your brain cannot talk to all parts of the body, it can’t properly regulate blood flow, send oxygen and nutrients or properly remove the waste products of your cells. As we age, more and more toxins get parked in the weakest and most disconnected parts of our body.

People who have a huge amount of muscle tension in their nervous systems will find it very hard to make changes for the better in their lives. Why? Because their nervous system is so out of balance and constantly in a stressed state, it simply does not feel safe to make any changes that add even more uncertainty to their lives.

If you have watched the TV show I did a few years back which is located on the right-hand sidebar of this website titled “From Dud To Stud In 4 Days”, you can literally see and feel the changes and tremendous growth of confidence Mark and Dave achieved over just four days of chiropractic adjustments by my friend Dr. Dominick D’Anna, and some infield coaching by yours truly and another trainer.

It’s like flipping on a switch. When the muscle tension drops, a person starts to feel peaceful, relaxed and super confident. It’s a feeling that all is well. It’s amazing! When you are in a peaceful and relaxed state you make great decisions. When you are in a stressed and fearful state your decisions tend to bring you more stress, fear and uncertainty.
Network chiropractic care was founded by Dr. Donald Epstein. You can go to his website and learn more about this modern day genius by clicking here! On his website you can also click here to find a list of certified network chiropractic doctors in your area. Make sure you go to a doctor who is level III certified (they will have an “*” next to their name on the list).

If you are in a relationship or married, make sure your partner gets under care as well. Why? 75% of the couples where only one of them is under network chiropractic care split up! Why? Once you experience and feel the confidence, certainty and peacefulness of regular network chiropractic adjustments along with SRI breathing exercises, you will slowly move away from relationships, jobs, people, careers, etc. that are unbalanced and unhealthy. It simply will not feel good to constantly be around people who don’t feel the same level of peace in their bodies as you now do. You simply won’t want to tolerate toxic people and situations.

However, the couples who are both under regular network chiropractic care see their relationships and love deepened to a level they could have never imagined. They work more together in harmony and simply don’t get upset at the little things like they used to.
Another thing that happens to both men and women who are under regular network chiropractic care, is their emotions are 1000 times more intense than they have ever been. You will feel your emotions on a level you have never experienced since early childhood. In other words, you start to become normal and healthy like you were when you were very young.