Who Are You Giving Yourself the Power to Be?

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Who are you giving Yourself the Power to Be?

Power to Be

We all have aspects of ourselves that are disempowered, wounded, victimized and often these aspects are unconscious to us.  They are so engrained in our way of being that we don’t even see them and unconsciously give our power away to them.  To embody our power to fully be our choosing, we must delve into our unconscious, our darkness, the wounded aspects of our being, to reveal them so they no longer control us.

Often people fear their darkness and spend most of their life avoiding it.  Other times people feel like they don’t have the tools to access that which they are unaware of in their being.  One of the ways I teach people to access their unconscious aspects is through connecting to their body.  Our bodies are the store houses of our unconscious.   When we start to experience aches, pains, tensions, illness and disease, these are messages from our unconscious that we need to take a look at a how we are doing and being in our lives.  These messages from our body are not mere annoyances to be eliminated.  Through conditioning we have become masters of removing, ignoring or avoiding those very things that are pivotal to our growth, evolution and ultimate Power to Be who we want to be.  Instead we make justifications for how we are and that this is just how it is, can never be changed, and we settle for less than our magnificence.  This is the core of victimization and powerlessness.

The greatest fuel that we have to make change in our life, move into our Power to Be and create ourselves is through feeling the discomfort of being less than we are.  We need to feel the tensions and pains, physically, emotionally and spiritually, of what we have made acceptable for our standard of who we are.  It is only through feeling completely where we are at that we can move forward.  This requires us to be with that which feels uncomfortable to us.  If we remain instead in our comfort zone than we never grow, at best we stay at our ‘status quo.’

Our culture is in an epidemic of trying to keep the ‘status quo.’  We have created a value for comfort above growth, evolution and love.  This is evident in a culture that is obsessed with and has thousands of tools, technologies and drugs, all to make us feel more comfort.  What we need is a movement into our discomfort.  To learn how to go into our pains, in order to build a fuel (energy) inside of us, to create ourselves as we want to be.  All change requires energy.  If there is no energy, there is no change.  Feeling and emotion create that energy needed for change.  We can then harness that source of energy into order to create Who we are and the Power to Be who we want to be.

Seven Axioms of Chiropractic Philosophy

This article by J.W. Blackketter was posted on the Genesis Chiropractic website.

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by J.W. BlackketterD.C.M.A.R.E.B.A.
Vitalistic upper cervical specific Chiropractor

“As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Universal intelligence/force/matter sustains all LIFE

The basic axioms (principles) of chiropractic are simple to explain. These ideas may be NEW to some folks, but rest assured, they are very easy to understand. I utilize these foundational thots about life to guide my own “chiropractic lifestyle” and also to keep me on track professionally as well.


For the uninitiated, please take some time to read my other blog postings, and also peruse this list of theoriginal 33 principles of chiropractic by Stephensen.

For the philosophically-minded-principled-chiropractic-junkies out there, be aware that this is only my attempt at summarizing the practical essence of the 33 principles of chiropractic. This revolutionary way of understanding LIFE and HEALTH and NORMAL cycles was originally set forth by Drs. DD and BJ Palmer and then articulated by Dr. Ralph Stephensen in his 1927 Chiropractic Textbook.

In order to begin living life at a NEW extraordinary level, you need to understand these 7 axioms and then begin living them outChange can only come after NEW ways of thinking take hold in your mind, NEW attitudes & motivations develop inside you, which will change the things you do, so ultimately there becomes a NEW you…enjoy!

Genesis of NEW life – health – family – hope – joy – love


1. LIFE is intelligently designed and able to heal, adapt, and function in Balance, Harmony, and Ease.

2. Your Innate Life Energy (the inborn power source that makes you alive) uses your brain and nerve system to send its life-giving messages (mental impulses) to coordinate / organize / direct all the functions of life…so you can live at EASE and adapt better to stress in your environment.

3. Every cell in your body needs a clear neurological connection to the brain in order to function optimally. reduction OR partial LOSS of this vital brain-to-body connection diminishes the flow of life-giving messages…this state of LESSlife energy in the body is called subluxation.

4. The results of an incomplete connection to your life energy are: incomplete adaptation, disharmony, imbalance, DIS-ease, and alteredcellular function.

5. Every single Symptom, Sickness, Syndrome, Disorder, Dysfunction, and Disease known to man results from Altered Cellular Function,LOSS of Coordination & Organization, and aDecreased Ability to fully Adapt to Stress.

6. Because of the intimate relationship between the SPINE and NERVE SYSTEM, the spine must maintain proper alignment and balance for the nerves to maintain proper tone and function. A Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment can improve spinal function AND restore your brain-to-bodyneurological CONNECTION.

7. The natural result of maintaining a clear connection between brain & body is: LIFE more at EASE.
We expect MORE coordination, balance, harmony, cellular homeostasis, healing & improved health,optimal function, and an on-going movement toward wellness and wholeness.

Intimate relationship between the Spinal Column and Nervous System

Why does chiropractic impact every part of your life? — Intimate Relationship between the Spinal Column and Nervous System

This NEW way of thinking can help anyone better manage their life, adapt more constructively to stress, and grow stronger and healthier by keeping these things in the proper perspective.


You can be happy, healthy, and whole again!
In fact, this vibrant energetic new way of life is normal and expected once CONNECTION is restored and maintained over timeIf this sounds too good to be true OR if these BIG IDEAS are just too simple to accept at face value, forgive me…and don’t shoot the messenger! ;o)
“We hold these truths to be self-evident…”, easy enough for children to understand, and quite liberating for open-minded adults of all ages.

TRUTH and revolutionary concepts are often found in small simple things.
VITALISM may be a NEW concept, but go ahead and grab ahold of it…
THINK about life for awhile.
…Then make a Change

Network Spinal Analysis – Communicate with the nervous system to relieve tension

I wanted to share this article from the Natural News website.

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Network Spinal Analysis – Communicate with the nervous system to relieve tension

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 by: Kiva Bottero

(NaturalNews) Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), also known as Network Chiropractic or Network Care, is an innovative approach to chiropractic. Where its traditional counterpart works on physically realigning the spine, Network focuses on communicating with the nervous system in order to release the underlying tension that keeps the spine misaligned. It’s highly effective because it addresses the root of the problem — tension — which comes from an improperly functioning nervous system.

NSA and the nervous system

The nervous system is your body’s control center, sending messages from your brain along your spine and nerves to all parts of the body. It controls pain and is a major determining factor in overall well being.

Network practitioners believe that nerve interference is the main source of health problems. This interference is caused by physical, mental-emotional or chemical stress. The nervous system holds onto this stress as spinal tension that causes subluxations (spinal misalignments).

These subluxations persist in the body when your body-mind holds onto trauma or as life stresses accumulate that the nervous system cannot cope with. Its this holding pattern of tension that causes people with back problems to continually have to visit a chiropractor.

Network’s innovation

Traditional chiropractors typically shake out these subluxations using forceful adjustment to realign the spine. Network practitioners believe that the spine gets out of line because of the unruly mind. Rather than eliminating subluxations on a purely physical level, Network works on improving communication between the body and mind via the nervous system to remove nerve interference.

“Network Chiropractic is unique from almost all other forms of health care because it works with what is already working with you instead of what is wrong,” says NSA practitioner Dr. Lisa Carlet. Networkers use gentle touches on the spine to place attention on the peaceful places in the body. The brain makes the connection and overcomes the tension. Eventually this process becomes learned so that when stress arises, the nervous system naturally knows how to deal with it.

As with traditional chiropractic, consistent care is needed to overcome deep-rooted patterns of illhealth. But with improved self-awareness, over time it’s possible to move beyond to enhanced wellness and quality of life in a number of ways.

Benefits of network spinal analysis

Since being developed in the late 70s, Network Spinal Analysis has developed a body of research to back up its claims. The University of California found that 76% of its study’s 2,818 NSA patients self-reported significant improvements in their level of physical, emotional, stress, and life enjoyment factors. Some of the specific benefits people can experience from Network include:

1. less pain and tension
2. fewer headaches
3. increased energy
4. improved spinal flexibility
5. increased relaxation and well being
6. decreased anxiety
7. improved concentration
8. better stress adaptation

Like acupuncture, Network works even on the disbelievers. Light touches to the spine might appear as if nothing is happening, but it’s just that subtle touch that the nervous system needs to connect to its peace, a distinctive characteristic of this effective wellness modality.

In this stressed-out world, it’s so easy for the nervous system to get overburdened. By addressing the nervous system, Network brings peace to the body-mind, a natural precursor to optimum health and well being.

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About the author:
Kiva Bottero is a freelance writer and editor. He writes for a variety of publications, including The Mindful WordGreen Building Canada and Green Homes For Sale.

TED Talk Video – Dr. Sue Morter: You’re More Creative Than You Think

Brilliant, easy to understand description of the energetic intelligences/ houses and how vital it is for them to have a GATEWAY of communication with the physical body – especially the nervous system and heart – in order that we may experience optimal states of healing, love, vitality, and unlimited potential. Every time a Network entrainment/ adjustment is administered to your spine, the gateway grows to connect with more depth to these guiding intelligences so that we may have a richer, more soulful experience of life.   Enjoy, Dr. Cliff