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As we have learned, pain, stress, and trauma can cause us to disconnect from parts of our body, creating the environment for loss of wellness, sickness, or disease. Often times it is said we use our bodies to “somatize” hurtful experiences, creating spasm, organic dysfunction, or other dis-ease as a way to wall off further discomfort.

After observing thousands of people in both private practice and public seminars, Dr. Epstein discovered 12 basic healing rhythms, or stages, consistent with each individual’s path to healing.

Each stage of healing has it own distinct “rite of passage”- accompanied by a chaotic experience, healing crisis, or event which helps us to reunite with aspects of ourselves that are traumatized, forgotten, abused, shamed, or unforgiven.

Each stage also has a characteristic pattern of breath, movement, and touch, that can help us to reconnect with the natural, internal rhythms of our body, and experience a greater sense of joy and well-being.

Somato Respiratory Integration, (SRI), based on the Twelve Stages of Healing, appears to consistently reverse the process of defense physiology, spinal distortions, and disconnection that hinders the expression of life.

As we become safe to feel and experience the reconnection to our physical selves, it becomes easier to release traumatic events from our past, and allow for:

A more flexible, integrated experience of the spine and body-mind

Easier release of structural distortions/"anchors" to our past

Increased sense of peace and ease

Improved posture and deeper breathing

New options to deal with life stress
Empowering oneself to heal and transform their life experience
SRI is an invaluable tool used during a Network session to further promote the evolution of advance spine and nervous system strategies through NS.

SRI exercises can also be used at home between NS visits to relieve acute stress, and as part of one’s regular wellness routine, as thousands of people around the world have discovered.

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Required reading, 12 Stages of Healing by Donald Epstein.