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“There is a driving force in all of us which, when unleashed, has the power to make dreams and visions a reality.”
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During the Life Power Transformation Program, the structural distortions and restrictions of defense posture surrender to an emerging sense of empowerment to create dynamic life changes. When physical “anchors” to past stress and trauma are released, the opportunity for healing and the manifestation of a more complex, highly integrated mind-body connection provides the opportunity for a new life “story”.

It is during the Life Power Transformation Program when the spine and nervous system can release the most chronic patterns of dis-ease and constriction. This creates better access to the energy trapped within the areas of tension, which may now be used as “fuel” for healing. With more available energy comes greater opportunity to explore your life potential. When free of all that has held us back, we can then find the freedom, flexibility, power and courage to heal and transform like never before!

The Power to Transform one’s life-whether it be health, relationships, career, performance or spiritual practice-emerges from the complete dissolution of postural “anchors” to old ideas, habits, and belief systems. This 6 month program of transformation provides access to the necessary tools to move forward in life with better focus and dynamic states of physical freedom.

During the Transform program you will experience:

Resolution of chronic structural and behavioral patterns

Dramatic increase in range of motion, flexibility, and decreased pain levels

Changes in your body systems and functions, (muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, sexual)

Clearer vision for life goals and the energy/life force to make changes necessary to achieve them

Being your authentic self in the world